Hi. I am a

visual designer
based in Prince George, BC.


She prioritizes adaptability and flexibility in her approach. While she is currently specialized in branding, web design, and motion graphics, she is open to challenges in creating projects beyond these areas.

What makes her unique is her dedication to deliver designs that not only look good but also serve their intended purpose.


Recent projects

Interactive Media

How to organize your backpack

Graphic Art


Mobile App

UI Design

Student Hikers Club

Merch Branding

Baby Apparel Design

Seamless Pattern Design


What I am awesome at

Her brand statement, “Creativity speaks louder,” encapsulates her character. Through her work, she is quietly crafting graphic wonders that speak volumes, transforming visions into captivating realities.


Imagine your brand's story unfolding before your audience's eyes, with characters coming to life and environments transforming in front of them.

Web Design

Create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that effectively communicate the intended message or purpose while providing an engaging and enjoyable experience for users.


Logo Design | Typography | Brand Guidelines | Brand Packaging | Branding Collaterals

Motion Graphics

Imagine your logo coming to life with subtle animations, or key messages pulsating and shifting on the screen to emphasize their importance.


I am proud of these brand logos

Beyond her design endeavors, Gladys cherishes her role as a mother to three boys, finding joy in cooking, baking, and exploring the outdoor.
Multi-disciplinary Designer

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